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MakeItYourRing Diamond Engagement Rings. Get all the information you need about Diamond Engagement Rings and purchasing diamond jewelry online. When it comes to selecting a diamond engagement ring bigger isn’t always better. The cut of the diamond and its clarity can be more appealing than its size.


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Selecting & Buying The Perfect Ring

  • unique engagement ring

What a Unique Engagement Ring Says About You

Fancy pink diamonds are among the scarcest in the world. In addition to symbolizing how rare you are, the ring will express your high level of creativity and artistic leanings.

The Cut

What Is A Good Diamond Cut

  • Brilliant Cut Diamonds

Modified Brilliant Cut Diamonds

The Diamond shapes that emerge from the brilliant cut diamonds are variations on the round brilliant diamond. The brilliant cut diamonds are marked by the 58-facet form.

  • Princess Cut Diamond

The Origins Of A Princess Cut Diamond

This type of square cut was designed specifically as a catch all of lights, maximum brilliance. Most diamonds are rectangular or square diamond cuts and have cropped corners.

  • The Princess Cut Diamond

The Princess Cut Diamond

The princess cut was an original commission to match the gorgeous Marquise de Pompadour, by the King Louis XIV. It is gorgeous in its simplicity and can be enhanced with tiny diamonds surrounding.


Understanding The Carat

  • One Carat Diamond

The Carat Diamond

Your carat diamond should also have as few inclusions or blemishes as possible; this is a measure of the diamond's clarity. A flawless diamond will have not inclusions on the inside of the stone.

White Diamond

It is the stone most often used for diamond engagement rings, and can be found in a number of necklaces and fine watches. These stones can reflect the light of the sun into a myriad of different colors.

  • Marquise Diamond Cut featured

Marquise Diamond Cut

Whether it'd be a piece of a diamond or even a chip of a diamond, it still manages to pull off a rather overwhelming look. The Marquise Diamond Cut can be shaped into pretty much anything that comes to mind.


Natural & Artifical

  • Tips For Buying Gemstones

Tips For Buying Gemstones

Don't spend one dollar until you know exactly what to look for, because you could get scammed very easily. The most important thing is to know the difference between a natural and genuine gemstone.

  • Diamonds or Cubic Zirconia

Diamonds Or Cubic Zirconia

A synthetic diamond is made in laboratories, using a technological process versus natural diamonds that are formed through natural geological processes. Synthetic diamonds are sometimes called PHT diamonds or CVD diamonds.

  • Gemstones And Diamonds

Gemstones And Diamonds

Maybe it is due to the association of diamonds with love and marriage that diamonds are considered the most valuable gemstones of all. As a result, they have the highest commercial value of every type of gemstone available.

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