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Diamond Engagement Ring Adding Side Stones

Of all the gemstones, diamonds are the most highly prized especially when we speak of a diamond engagement ring. The diamond is a transparent form of carbon, and is the hardest known mineral with many applications in cutting tools and abrasives.

It is not uncommon for a diamond engagement ring with a beautiful stone set in the center to be surrounded with many smaller diamonds, called complimentary stones.

When choosing a diamond engagement ring or any diamond jewelry, this facet is often overlooked by the consumer.

To the diamond jeweler, when designing the setting for a diamond engagement ring or any piece of diamond jewelry, these smaller diamonds are of equal value because of the role they play in illuminating the center stone.

Once you have decided on the design basis for the diamond engagement ring or diamond jewelry piece, the side stones will then be carefully crafted to highlight the best aspects of the ring or jewelry piece.  The different shapes of the side stones are referred to as “Trilliants”.

This includes baguettes, both single and double, bullets, straight, tapered, and bowed, trapezoids, brilliant and step cut; half moon, and home plate.

Choosing The Side Stones

Trilliants are triangular in shape and are set on either side of the single stone as if to announce its brilliance.

Baguettes are narrower at one end than the other, but do not come to a point.  Correctly set in the jewelry, it performs the same task as the trilliants.  Double baguettes are the same shape and design, but with two stones on each side of the center stone.

Bullets are set on either side of the center stone and are straight, tapered on one end, or bowed on one end.  Trapezoids and half moon shapes are self-explanatory, as is the home plate design.

When purchasing a diamond engagement ring with side stones, it’s just as important to notice how the “accessory” stones compliment the center stone.

‘Things to consider…..

Does the side stone bring out the luster of the center diamond?

Does it look esthetically pleasing to the eye?

When making a purchase where glitter and glamour are the essence of what the jewelry should look like, then side stones are the key.  When deciding to buy the perfect diamond engagement ring, bracelet, pendant, or earrings, knowing about side stones will aid you in making the best choice possible.

Always Research First!

If I were going to go buy a car, I would do the research before hand to be sure I got my money’s worth and I think you would to.

Buying a diamond should be approached with the same diligence, that is why MakeItYourRing Diamond Engagement Rings gives you all the information about buying diamonds, whether this is from a retail store or buying online.

One thing we know for sure is that buying gold, silver, platinum, and any precious stone is an investment in the future because if the piece is well taken care of it will only gain value.

So, when you go to make your next diamond purchase, show the jeweler that you have done your homework, and surprise that special someone in your life with a diamond engagement ring that will be priceless to you both.


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