What a Unique Engagement Ring Says About You

//What a Unique Engagement Ring Says About You

What a Unique Engagement Ring Says About You

Dazzling diamond engagement rings are coveted the world over.

Finding a ring that is distinct and reflective of the bride’s personality is immensely important. A unique engagement ring should speak volumes about you and your relationship, while transcending trends with an eclectic design that is as one-of-a-kind as the love you share.

Eternity Bands

Your eternal bond should be reflected in your engagement ring. Eternity rings are routinely used for wedding bands or anniversary rings.

However, these distinct symbols of infinite love make excellent stand-alone engagement rings as well.

An eternity engagement ring will show the world that your love is built on a deep and lasting bond that is more meaningful and detailed than any gaudy, oversized diamond can convey.

It also says that the wearer is an effortlessly classy, and prefers quality over quantity.

Eternity rings are offered in various design motifs, from interlocking swirls to Celtic-inspired rope knots.

The rings compensate for their lack of center stones with strings of pave, micro-pave or channel-set diamonds which sparkle beautifully.

Antique Rings

Antique-style engagement rings combine the beauty of bygone eras with striking pieces that feature the finest modern jewelry. The rings are offered in a variety of designs that communicate different messages about the wearer.

Oval-shaped diamonds have been popular for centuries. Surrounding an oval center stone with halos of micro-pave diamonds creates a meticulously detailed piece that illustrates the wearer’s classy, yet over-the-top personality.

Emerald diamonds are the most regal of the cushion-cut stones. An emerald diamond surrounding a halo and mounted atop a band encircled by a row of diamonds is a refined, vintage-inspired masterpiece that screams uptown socialite.

Antique three stone engagement rings are symbolic beauties that represent the past, present and future of love, with design motifs that are fit for royalty. These artfully designed pieces are tasteful despite the striking beauty of three diamond stones. They illustrate that you have it all: timeless love and a captivating  style.

Colored Diamonds

All diamonds are steeped in symbolism, but a fancy colored diamonds gives an engagement ring a deeper level of meaning. For example, black diamond engagement rings express strength and speak volumes about your passionate nature.

Fancy yellow diamonds are bright and vibrant stones that illustrate your joyous and prosperous life while representing the peace and stability of the relationship.

Fancy pink diamonds are among the scarcest in the world. In addition to symbolizing how rare you are, the ring will express your high level of creativity and artistic leanings. Red colored diamonds make a very powerful statement: the bride is the source of groom’s strength.

The stone will tell the world how much every detail about you is beloved and that your inner fire keeps the love burning brightly.

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    Previously I used to select ring according to my choice without understanding the meaning of ring, but now I know the meaning and will purchase the ring which suits me and my personality.

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    Finding a ring that is distinct and reflective of the bride’s personality is immensely important. For an engagement ring is the most valuable and most important gift that a woman would receive from a guy that she loves.

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    Gemstone engagement rings are also a good option.

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    I prefer the antique rings because they remind me of the every lasting love in the old romantic movies such as Casablanca. Probably it sound funny or crazy but I reckon that antique rings are imbued with feeling and memories.

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    I prefer the antique rings because it describe how old and how deep meaning of love it self

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    I love the antique engagement rings as well. Especially when you have one that is passed down through generations. I feel that it truly embodies everlasting love and whenever people have a chance to they should go that route. Of course, many of the new rings are beautiful as well and not everyone has the option to have an antique ring.

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