Marquise Diamond Cut

//Marquise Diamond Cut

Marquise Diamond Cut

What we will cover in this post is the type of diamond cut known as the Marquise Diamond Cut.

The Marquise Diamond Cut is a very popular cut indeed which is used to give an appropriate striking shape to a diamond’s formation.

Marquise Cut Diamonds have a remarkable sleek look and appeal to everyone that has seen one of these cut diamonds especially when prominently featured in a diamond engagement ring.

Just the look of the Marquise cut diamond adds absolute beauty and pure essence and elegance to the diamond itself.

The Marquise Diamond Cut

Whether it be a piece of a diamond or even a chip of a diamond, it still manages to pull off a rather overwhelming look.

The Marquise Diamond Cut can be shaped into pretty much anything that comes to mind for the diamond jeweler.

But the most basic form is a diamond ring of course; the marquise cut diamond ring surely has made fingers from all over look much more slender and beautiful as can possible be.

Diamonds having the marquise cut are generally used for jewelry with a much rounder shape and feel. A pear shaped side stone and the length to width and ratio of this diamond remains preferably to a 1.75 to a 2.25.

It has been said through history that Louis the XVI had his personal diamond cutter shape of his own design out of a particular type of diamond that would match the dazzling smile of Marquise of Pompadour.

This is how the name marquise diamond cut was created and has been used since.

Understanding The Marquise Cut

When it comes to cutting the actual diamond itself, it’s very important as to how it turns out and what determines the look of that particular piece of diamond being worked upon. A brilliantly done diamond cut is definitely added to the beauty of the diamond along with all the other diamonds in the side setting.

Some shapes put into play here can be what you would call “boat shaped” believe it or not or that is a basic variation of a very well rounded brilliance cut for a diamond to have. Marquise diamond cuts are often chosen by women who wish to display a certain style for all to admire and worship. Pretty much an elongated form can create an illusion of longer and much narrower fingers.

The elongated shape has more of a pointer side to them, it has pointed ends that are inspired by the fetching smile of Marquise de Pompadour and is commissioned by Sun King, France’s Louis XIV. Who wanted a diamond to match as well?

It has become a very modern and elegant look when a solitaire such as the marquise cut is enhanced by much smaller diamonds. Again with the length and width and its ratio a marquise diamond cut is approximately 2.1 a normal length.

For those who prefer a rounder look and feel, you should choose a ratio closer to 1.5:1. For the ones that prefer a more elongated shape (boat shape) they go the 2.25:1 route so everyone has their own options to pick and choose whatever they please until they are happy.

The name “Marquise” had come from a legend of a Marquise of Pompadour that a Sun King had wanted a diamond to be polished into a certain shape a shape of the mouth of Marquise! Could this be done? You should already know the answer to that. The typically Marquise brilliant diamond contains about 56 facets.

What to watch out for are the poor sides of the diamond cutting process.

How To Spot A Bad Cut

A poor cut of a Marquise can most often be detectable by a “bow-tie effect” which can be easily seen by the unaided eye. The Marquise Cut diamond itself weighs about .91 carats and costs around $2,724.00 which gives this diamond its magical touch to all the other diamonds that have made them look larger than their actual size.

It needs six specific points which supports it adequately. In closing you should always watch out what you, buy make sure that it suites you and that you are not buying simply for the prestige of the Marquise Diamond Cut.


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