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The Princess Cut Diamond

Though the princess cut is the most popular of the diamond cuts.

The Marquise cuts are marked by the distinct boat shaped cut, a variation of the round brilliant diamond cut.

Why The Cut Is So Popular

The princess cut was made popular by women who desire the type of display that says independence and uniqueness. The elongated form creates the illusion of longer; more narrow fingers; narrow fingers are more desirable by the public.

The princess cut was an original commission to match the gorgeous Marquise de Pompadour, by the King Louis XIV. It is gorgeous in its simplicity and can be enhanced with tiny diamonds surrounding.

The marquise cut width to length ratio is roughly 2:1, for a more perfect roundness a ratio of 1:5:1 is used. A ratio of 2:25:1 is the length and width measurements for a more elongated shape.

A brilliant cut square or rectangle shaped diamond with corners that are clipped off, similar to an emerald cut, is a modified/combination cut. The combination of the emerald cut and the diamond brilliance creates a new experience.

Another diamond cut, the square or rectangular cut, merges the elegance of the emerald shape and the diamond shine with 70 facets to heighten the effect of the color refraction and shine.

This Cut Maximizes The Refraction Of The Diamond

This princess cut demands more weight to be facing the diamond’s core, to maximize refraction rate at a depth percentage of 70 to 78 percent. This ratio usually falls under that of a 1:05:01 ratio, appearing square in appearance. This tends to be a preferred cut though some many prefer a slightly more rectangular style.

The hybrid cut merges the best type of oval cut and the marquise cut coming together in a sparkling teardrop shape. The Pear cut, another famous and well liked cut most well suited to necklaces and earrings.

It is a variation of the brilliant diamond cut and many of the largest diamonds or other gem stones found are shaped into this cut.

The ratio preference for the pear cut is typically 1.65:1 though more elongated pear shapes are found to be a ratio of 1.80:1.

What Is The Most Romantic Diamond Cut

For a more compact look the ratio of 1.20:01 is adhered to. The heart shape cut is considered the most romantic symbol of love, a variation of the round brilliant diamond cut; a pear-shape with a cleft at the top.

The higher level of skill exhibited during the cut the more beautiful the diamond, more evenly shaped and better outlined. Avoid an uneven cut even to the untrained eye.

The oval cut exhibits a width to length ratio of a 1.40-1.60 to most potential buyers, it is a favorite. It is a variant of the round brilliant cut diamond. It is a flattering shape meant to elongate the fingers and is more popular with females who either have tiny hands or short fingers.

It isn’t only for those with small hands or short fingers, it is also meant as a tool to further the appearance of long, slender fingers. For the more rounded look of this cut the ratio is closer to 1.15:1 or for a more elongated look 1.70:1.

The heart shape cut is usually equal in length and width, a ratio of 1:1. Though the ratio of 0.90:1 and 1.15:1 is preferable, these measurements should not be exceeded or a risky cut is the result.

For any one that is ready to purchase or design a diamond ring, you should take a minute and read a few more articles, where you’ll get all the information you need to create the perfect princess cut diamond ring.


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