The Carat Diamond

//The Carat Diamond

The Carat Diamond

Everyone agrees that diamonds are beautiful, but how can you determine the carat diamond quality of a stone?

How can you tell which diamonds are more valuable? If you’re searching for quality jewelry for a loved one, here are a few tips that will help with your carat diamond selection.

The Weight

The carat of a diamond is actually its weight. The carat diamond is equal to 200 milligrams. The size of the diamond is not measured by carats, since the way that the stone is cut will determine its final size and weight.

The smallest carat diamond is the 1/4 carat, which is about 4.1 mm, and the largest is around 10.4 mm, which equals about 4 carats.

Keep in mind that even though the carat diamond that you choose may be large, there are several other factors that determine the overall worth of the diamond.

Just because a diamond is bigger does not mean that it is worth more than a smaller stone; the cut of a diamond, along with its color and clarity are accurate measures of how precious the stone actually is.

The cut of a diamond is the handiwork that a jeweler has done to smooth the rough edges of the rock and make the diamond into a beautiful piece of jewelry. If the stone is cut too shallow, it can affect the worth, and if it is cut too deep, it may not be suitable for some jewelry.

The ideal cut for a diamond will allow the light to shine through it a certain way, so that it reflects a rainbow of colors.

If you want to be especially creative when you’re purchasing your carat diamond, you may also want to consider the color of the stone. When we think of diamonds, the colorless stone most likely comes to mind, but there are also yellow and brown stones that are just as beautiful.

Choosing The Color

There are also carat diamond varieties that you can purchase in yellow and blue, but they are not measured on the same clarity scale. For yellow and brown diamonds, you will still want to make sure that the cut and color of the stones are of the highest quality; these stones can be used in engagement or wedding bands as well.

Your carat diamond should also have as few inclusions or blemishes as possible; this is a measure of the diamond’s clarity. A flawless diamond will have no inclusions on the inside of the stone, but you can also purchase an internally flawless diamond, which may not have any obvious blemishes, but may have minor inclusions after further inspections.

Now that you know what to look for when shopping for a diamond as well as the many diamond terminologies used, make sure you chack out some of our other articles especially if you are looking to buy a one carat diamond engagement ring!


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