The Origins Of A Princess Cut Diamond

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The Origins Of A Princess Cut Diamond

The princess cut was named so because it is the most brilliant and animate type of cut for a diamond.

The princess cut is notably square with piercing edges with a good inner fire. The cut is meant to utilize the shape of diamond for the most penetrating light brilliance; the diamond is light in weight due to a low cutting and also less expensive in price.

The cut allows the light to enter at a unique angle and allow for an intricate play of colors. The cut is a relatively new type of cut and often found in engagement rings.

It elongates the beauty of a hand with longer, tempered fingers. Depth percentages of the Princess cut are 70 to 78 percent.

The Square Princess Cut Is To Catch All Light

This type of square cut was designed specifically as a catch all of lights, maximum brilliance. Most diamonds are rectangular or square diamond cuts and have cropped corners.

The cut is 1.05:01 in width and length, either less or equal to this cut.

Some prefer to have a cut that is slightly rectangular-shaped.

Even though the princess cut first created in the 1960s, it is a relatively new type of cut is it now the second most popular kind of cut for diamonds, next to a round cut.

The shape of the princess cut can be either squared or rectangular; the profile or side shape is like an inverted pyramid with four beveled sides.

It has become more popular during recent years because it is a more distinct alternative to the regular cuts that most people look for and purchase. The more popular cut is when the top of the diamond, the crown, is cut round face-up shape and the pavilion, the bottom, is shaped like a cone.

Juxtaposed to a princess cut in which the diameter of the round brilliance weighs more due to four corners and rounded off beautifully. It is also named the square modified brilliant cut. Though, when displaying this cut, it is completely unique and different from that of a round brilliant.

Originated From The French Cut

The princess cut originated with the French cut originally, modified next in a double French, and then a cross. The high degree of light return makes the princess cut highly sought after. Luckily this cut is relatively cheaper when the princess cut is squared rather than rounded because 80 percent of the rough diamond retains the carat weight and shape.

The AGA and AGSL, Accredited Gem Appraisers and American Gem Laboratory society paried up with European Gem Laboratories- USA are the only labs that make the princess cut for the diamond.

Has No Defined Dimensions

There is not an absolute diamond cut dimension for the princess cut, no ideal cut. Though there are standards, there has been not mutual consensus. The EGL-USA has made a statement that there is not enough of an industry consensus to stipulate the diamond cut and grading standards for the Princess cut.

The name originated in another cut, the Profile cut designed by Arpad Nagy in 1961 London.

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