White Diamond

//White Diamond

White Diamond

The white diamond is classic, timeless, and can remind you of one of the best times of your life.

The white diamond is used in a number of exquisite jewelry pieces, and you can find the gift or diamond accessory you want by using these resources and tips.

Popular With Engagement Rings

The white diamond, which is sometimes called the colorless diamond, is the most common–and more coveted piece of jewelry, perhaps anywhere in the world.

It is the stone most often used for diamond engagement rings, and can be found in a number of necklaces and fine watches.

These stones can reflect the light of the sun into a myriad of different colors, and if they are cut with high-quality clarity and precision, they can be absolutely breathtaking.

You can use the white diamond to enhance your favorite jewelry, such as using a white gold bracelet or necklace chain as a ‘base’, and adding a white diamond as a charm on a tennis bracelet, or using a string of stones of different sizes to create a journey pendant for the necklace.

These pieces are popular for anniversaries, since they symbolize the journey of love the couple has taken together.

Used A Lot In Watches

Using the white diamond accent for watches is also a big jewelry trend. Brands like Movado use the single diamond to mark the ’12’ place on the watch, while Bolova watches may have diamond accents around the whole face of the watch. Rolex watches use diamonds on the band of the watch as well.

If you visit certain jewelry store locations, you may even be able to create your own watch band and face accents using the white diamond selection provided.

Earrings Are Also Popular

Diamond studs are another great gift that you can give that incorporate the white diamond.

The designs are simple to put together, since you will only have to choose a single stone to go inside the earring setting, and you’ll also need to select whether you want to use white gold, sterling silver, or platinum for the setting.

You can find great white diamond jewelry selection for any occasion on sites like ShireeOdiz where you’ll be able to get products descriptions for engagement rings, pendants, earrings and some of the best wedding bands on the market.

You can also use ShireeOdiz to purchase loose diamonds. where you can view the stone you want, then simply have it placed into your pendant base, earring base, or band base to make your piece complete.


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