Tips For Buying Gemstones

//Tips For Buying Gemstones

Tips For Buying Gemstones

If you’re looking to buy some gemstones to add value to your existing jewelry collection, you should always do your research first.

Don’t spend one dollar until you know exactly what to look for, because you could get scammed very easily.

Knowing The Different Types Of Stones

The most important thing is to know the difference between a natural and genuine gemstone. Gemstones come in these two forms.

The former is a stone that has come straight from nature, and perhaps it has been cut and polished, but that’s it.

On the other hand, the appearance of a genuine gemstone has been altered to enhance its appeal, and therefore, isn’t real any longer.

When you are shopping for gemstones, you might come across ones that are synthetic.

Be careful here because they have exactly the same look as genuine gemstones, but are not made by nature. So, if they are not made naturally, where do they come from?

Watch Out For Artificial Gemstones

These gemstones are made in a factory. They are mass produced according to a specific ‘recipe’. It’s just like making a batch of muffins or cookies. The ingredients are well known allowing them to be made quickly and efficiently. An experienced and honest gem dealer can detect this easily because the final product is just too good to be true.

There is still some value placed on these, but nowhere close to that of the real gemstones. Synthetics will not always be cheap, but they will still be just as beautiful as the natural gems and cost considerably less money.

Make Sure You Get A Certification On Any Jewelry You Buy

You might have heard that all gemstones are valuable. In fact, this is not the case. Even natural ones will not have much value if they are poor quality stones. High quality gems are worth more money. If you see a gemstone that looks attractive, and you want to buy it, see if you can get some documentation as to its authenticity.

After all, if you’re going to pay thousands of dollars for a gemstone you’ll want to be sure it’s the real thing.

How Are They Valued

The prices of gemstones fluctuate considerably. They are based on supply and demand, and prices will go up and down depending on what is in demand at a specific time. Natural rubies are quite rare, and it’s no surprise they are so expensive because the supply is always low, and they come from politically unstable parts of the world.

Compared to natural rubies, ruby garnets have a similar appearance but are not so rare. If you are going to purchase either of these gemstones expect to find a huge gap in prices.

Buy jewelry from an individual or company that you trust. Know exactly what type of stone you are interested in, and pay close attention to prices, color variations, quality and characteristics. You’ll need to be moderately well educated when it comes to gemstones so you don’t lose money on something that is of a poor quality.

Ask lots of questions about the jewelry you’re looking at buying.

Reputable dealers should be willing and able to answer any and all questions from prospective buyers. If something doesn’t feel right don’t even think about buying gemstones from them, walk away.



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    Good advice, I can see how easily one can get scammed if they don’t know what they’re doing when purchasing a gemstone. Getting some kind of documentation on the authenticity is the best thing you can do.

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