What is the Meaning of a Wedding Band

//What is the Meaning of a Wedding Band

What is the Meaning of a Wedding Band

People are so caught up in the excitement of their wedding day that rarely do they stop to consider the meaning of it all.

Of course, this is perfectly understandable. When you are marrying the partner of your dreams, why would you want to stop and think about everything in finite detail?

At the same time, when you do have the time to step back and think about everything, you can often make some interesting discoveries.

The wedding band can be one of the stranger things about weddings today.

What do they mean, if anything, and what should you look for when buying one?

Why Are They Round?

In fact, rather than asking why a ring is round, it is more of the case that the roundness of a ring is the reason it is used. The circle shape is supposed to signify ‘forever,’ hence the part of the vows talking about until death us do part.

Of course, the reason why it is worn on the finger explains itself, although some people do instead wear their wedding bands on a chain around their neck.

What Does it Symbolize?

We all know that the ring is a symbol of marriage, and of our love to the other person, but why is it given during the wedding ceremony?

The timing is all-important; think about when rings are exchanged in a wedding ceremony. It is a part of the event itself, coming before the official decree that a couple is now legally married. The ring is supposed to be symbolic of the last gift a couple gives to one another, before all of their possessions become equal. Although this is something of an archaic idea – people today do still give presents on various occasions, such as Christmas, Birthdays, Anniversaries, and Valentine’s Day – it is one that has endured through centuries.

Does the Metal Mean Anything?

There are various ‘urban legends’ about why a wedding ring had to be made of gold or another metal, although most of those aren’t given much credence today.

This has seen a wide range of metals emerge to be used as wedding bands. While gold, silver, and other traditional metals have remained popular, newer options such as tungsten and titanium, for both men and women, are quickly emerging, both as a simple band as well as with encrusted stones.

Overall, as long as the wedding ring is viewed as a ‘precious metal,’ the meaning of giving something valuable to your partner for them to keep forever remains.

Modern Attitudes

While the new metals are an indicator of the modern attitudes towards wedding bands, they are given added significance and meaning in many other ways.

The most common of these is engraving of a wedding band. This might be something as simple as the wedding date and your names, or could be line from a favourite poem or song, or perhaps something from the bible.

This helps to make a ring much more personal in terms of symbolism, and brings together the tradition surrounding wedding rings with modern society.

This guest post was written by Adam at Mens Tungsten Online who specialise in tungsten rings and mens tungsten wedding bands.

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